Membership FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a member of Kansas MGMA if I am a member of National MGMA?

  • No, membership in National MGMA and Kansas MGMA are separate and provide different/unique member benefits. You can find information on membership for National MGMA here.

What is the membership year?

  • Membership is annual and extends 364 day from payment of your membership dues.

Can I purchase membership for an entire company?

  • No, membership is individual-based not company-based.

Can you offer me a discounted or prorated membership?

  • No, membership cannot be discounted or prorated.

Can my membership be transferred to a colleague?

  • No, membership cannot be transferred between individuals.

How do I change my work or contact information in the Membership Directory?

  •   Sign In to your Member Center using your Kansas MGMA username/password and update your account information from the Member Center at any time.