Kansas MGMA Membership: why is it essential to belong?

Membership in Kansas MGMA is an investment in your profession, your professional success, and your practice's success. We provide you with timely, relevant and valuable resources while giving you an opportunity to benefit from the advice and knowledge of other practice managers across the state.

Supporting the continual professional development of its members, Kansas MGMA advances leadership and administration in healthcare through sharing information, education, advocacy, communication, and networking activities.

As a member-led, member-driven professional healthcare leadership association, every member matters. We invite you to join our association of healthcare leaders, just like you, who are shaping the future of healthcare in Kansas.


Member Benefits


  • Continuing Professional Education – offered through annual conferences, monthly webinars, our online education library, and email communications. KANSAS MGMA offers a minimum of 20.0 live CE hours annually.
  • Networking – interact and build relationships with other healthcare executives in our state who face similar responsibilities and challenges.
  • Legislative updates – to keep informed on issues that face our healthcare community.
  • Certification through ACMPE – using the education, support and resources provided by fellow KANSAS MGMA members who have been through the process.
  • Member Newsletters – Periodic member publications with news on relevant regulatory and legislative issues, industry trends, educational articles, committee reports and events to help you stay up-to-date on association activity.
  • Job Postings – View and post job openings for practice management leadership positions throughout the state of Kansas. Members get to post their job openings at a discounted fee and receive an email alert when new jobs are posted.
  • Online Membership Directory – Useful in finding and building your network with other members across the state.
  • Vendor Affiliate Marketplace Directory - Looking for a new vendor for your practice? We encourage you to consider our KANSAS MGMA vendor Affiliate Members listed in our Online Directory.
  • Resume Board- Showcase your resume! Board resumes are all about value proposition and showcasing the candidate’s individual approach to leadership. 


Individual Membership Options

To be eligible as an ACTIVE member of Kansas MGMA, a person shall be: An individual who is directly employed in management or administrative support services an entity formally organized to provide or facilitate the provision of healthcare services An individual employed by a management organization, hospital/hospital system, practice management firm or other business entity responsible for managing any operational component(s) of an entity providing healthcare services. This includes consultants who are responsible for operations of one or more practices on an ongoing basis. Healthcare providers/clinicians who hold an active license in the state are also considered Active members. Note: Active Members who are engaged in the sale of products or services to health care organizations are prohibited from soliciting other members unless they also retain a separate Affiliate Membership.
To be eligible as an BUSINESS PARTNER of Kansas MGMA, a person shall be: An employee, owner or partner of an organization involved in the supply of products, services or education to ambulatory health care professionals and/or providers.
To be eligible as a STUDENT member of Kansas MGMA, a person shall be: An individual who is pursuing a healthcare or business-related degree at an accredited institution of higher learning and does not qualify for any other member category. Note: Individuals that qualify for any other type membership type are exempt from Student Membership status. Those applying for Student Membership must be prepared to upload a copy of your official student transcripts during the application process in order to confirm enrollment.
To be eligible as a FACULTY member of Kansas MGMA, a person shall be: Teaching business or healthcare administration in an accredited college or university within the boundaries of the state of Kansas.